Light Awakenings 7

Seeking Inner Peace and Understanding Through Meditation

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About Meditation & Healing

Advance registration is necessary to attend all classes and workshops.  A 50% deposit is required to hold your spot in all classes.

Anyone wishing to participate in the weekly Meditations is welcome to join us; prior experience with Meditation is not required, but those wit a previous history of successfully Meditating and "receiving" information will do best with this group as all members are seasoned ad successful meditators ...  newcomers might consider enrolling for the 5 week "STRESSED TO ZEN" course first, and then they are able to move into the Ongoing Meditation Group.  Speak to me if you are unsure which is the best place for you to begin ... 

Psychic Development related workshops are best suited to those with previous experience with Meditation or Light Work, or who have completed the 5 Week Meditation Course, although those who are psychically "open" and "receivers" may join the group.

Please feel free to call Judith at 631-724-9733 if you have any questions.


* Meditation is actually a very simple process in which you will learn to turn your focus inward, concentrating on the inner realms of silence and tranquility, simply being present "in the moment".  It is a process that helps you achieve inner peace, access immediate calm, and will help you to silence any of the constant thoughts, fears, worries or stresses which may continuously bombard your mind.  It will help you find your Center (that peaceful place within where all Wisdom lies); there you can either relax or explore your life, gaining a clearer picture of who you are, where you are going, and how you are going about it.  Meditation is the perfect way to reduce stress, gain inner peace, clarity and understanding as well as the perfect stepping stone along your path to personal growth.

*** As the current Astrological Energy brings ongoing changes to the earth plane and everyone living upon it, we are all feeling the effects of this shift in energy ... Join us in the Meditation Course if you are a beginner, or join the Ongoing Meditation Group if you already Meditate:  it is the key to understanding what you are meant to learn during this rapid time of change upon the earth.  The stresses will be ongoing for quite a while ~  journey within and find wisdom, guidance,
and understanding ... you will change your life forever ...

* You can successfully learn to Meditate, and you have probably already experienced a spontaneous state of meditation, whether or not you realize it.  If you have ever been driving on a long road trip and suddenly noticed that your exit was coming up, unaware of what you passed along the way, you were in a spontaneously induced light state of meditation.  Your concentration shifted within, your thoughts ceased, and although you were still conscious and you did remain on the road, you were basically oblivious to the route that you passed.  (Due to the obvious shift of focus to the inner realms, meditating while driving a vehicle is NOT ever recommended!)

Five week courses include all of the following information:

* "setting the scene"
* progressive bodily relaxation
* breathing techniques to bring on immediate stress reduction
* quieting your mind
* uses of aromatherapy
* use of music
* concentrating tips
* use of imagery
* "balanced breathing" technique for use during extreme stress
* centering - going within and staying there
* using a mantra to help maintain your focus
* accessing higher levels of awareness;  gain a different point of view about circumstances in your life
* connect with your own Inner Wisdom, Source Energy, Wise Mind ... Transpersonal Levels ...
* use your new skills to help others
* how to know when you are communicating from your heart

 Completion of all five classes is necessary in order to understand and master all of the many skills needed to successfully Meditate and reach higher levels of awareness, connect with your Inner Wisdom, and continue your personal journey to Inner Peace,
and Enlightenment ...  You deserve to invest 5 evenings to improve your life forever.

Each class will end with a different guided Meditation so that students may experience what has been taught that week.  A group "sharing" and discussion will conclude each session.


Students should dress comfortably.

You may wish to bring a pen and notebook to jot down any notes. 

* Students will be seated in chairs.
  Those with physical ailments need not worry about getting into various postures.  This technique is taught while seated ...


* Enjoy the enhanced energy found while practicing this centuries old technique in a group.
* Learn from others' questions and insights as the weeks progress.
* Discovery the many symbolic ways in which Wisdom is received during the Meditation process.
* Learn how to interpret all that you receive.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"... and so it is with Meditation.  If you find yourself drawn to learn how to reduce stress, discover your authentic self, or explore the many wonderful benefits of Meditation, now is the time to follow your inner voice.  


What is Signature Cell Healing?

It is a powerful,
hands on, non invasive healing modality which activates the "Signature Cells" which lie within the Pineal Gland, and is used to provide a total approach to healing the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies.  The Signature cell Healing practitioner serves to "direct" the flow of the energy so that the body can heal itself.  This state of the art healing method was pioneered by Kahu Fred Sterling, and is based upon the Lemeurian principle that the body has the ability to heal itself.

The client will feel the flow of energy as it flows
their body, and will feel relaxed and refreshed at the end of the session.  Healing is always drawn to the areas most in need during these sessions.

Judith S Giannotti was trained by Kahu Fred Sterling, who is the Founder and Pioneer of Signature Cell Healing.  She is an Ordained Minister in the Universal Life Church and has received Certification as a Level II Signature Cell HealingĀ® Practitioner.

REIKI & Long Distance REIKI

REIKI is a Japanese healing technique that is used for relaxation, stress reduction, and also promotes healing.  It is based
upon the belief that the Universe contains an unseen source of Life Force Energy which flows through all living beings.  It is practiced by the "laying on of hands", allowing the energy to flow through the practitioner's hands into the client's body, leading to healing, relaxation, and a feeling of well being.  REIKI is a simple, safe, natural means of healing that can be used in conjunction with all other traditional medical techniques to further promote healing.
REIKI can be performed in person or even if the person is not present. 

Sessions are available by appointment either way.  Long distance REIKI sessions require advance appointments and payment. 

Judith has received her Second Degree Attunement and Training in the USUI REIKI METHOD OF NATURAL HEALING.