Light Awakenings 7

Seeking Inner Peace and Understanding Through Meditation


cancellations, missed classes, maintaining credit, understanding what to                         expect:  liability information


*In case of severely inclement weather, events will be canceled and rescheduled.  You must provide a phone number where you can be reached prior to all events in case it becomes necessary to cancel a class because of severe weather conditions.

*Missed classes - You are asked to give me at least 24 hours advance notice if you expect  to miss a scheduled class for which you are registered.  You will then have credit to use toward another class or workshop. 

Credit may be used when the particular class ~ or another one of your choice ~ is held.  

No credit can be given for failure to give advance notice that you will miss a class, except in the case of an emergency.  Of course, emergencies do arise, and you will never lose credit if you miss a class due to an emergency. 

*Students are asked to let me know if they will not attend a session so that I know whether or not to expect them.  This eliminates unnecessary delays for the other participants.

Cancellation of a pre-paid session:  If a class is canceled, and will not be offered, you will always receive a full refund.

*The Awakenings 7 Center - programs and individual sessions are NOT intended to replace formal or contracted medical or mental health services from an appropriately licensed practitioner, nor are they intended to formally treat, diagnose, or cure any illness, or disease.

*Purpose and use of programs and sessions:
Although many people find these events to be extremely helpful, Meditations, Astrological, Psychic, or other  "Higher levels of awareness" insights do not replace appropriate medical or psychological intervention if warranted. 

Judith S. Giannotti maintains a No Liability Policy, whereby the consumer is 
soley responsible for his/her decisions, interpretations drawn from services, as well as all consequences resulting from them. 

Always use your own best judgement and consult with appropriate experts if needed before making any decisions.


Advance registration is requested to attend all scheduled Classes and Workshops;  classes may not be held is there is low enrollment, so it is always best to call to register in advance.

If you wish to receive the  multiple week discounts, you may pay in full upon registration, or, for your convenience, you may pay a 50% deposit (required to reserve your spot) upon registration, and then the balance will be due at the second class or session.

The 8 week Chakra Series offers the option of 2 or 3 easy payments.

The "single event" price for attending one class or workshop remains the same, and payment is due prior to the start time of the class or workshop.  Please call to be sure you are registered for any class you wish to attend ... 

PLEASE NOTE:  The weekly Tuesday evening Meditation Groups involve Guided Meditations and everyone is welcome to join us!  Previous experience with Meditation is not required but is recommended.  If you are a beginner, and you wish to continue to Reduce Stress or to Meditate at home on your own, completion of the "How to Meditate" Course is urged and suggested;  this will help you to understand and master everything necessary to successfully continue your personal Meditation practice at home, as well as to benefit fully from the Ongoing Groups . 

The choice is yours.  Choose whichever option works best for you at this time ...  I will be happy to discuss the options with you to decide which would be the best option for you to begin with.

Previous experience with Meditation is not required to experience a Past Life Regression.

Previous experience with Meditation is not required to attend any of the Astrological Awareness Series Workshops or to have an Intuitive Astrological Insights Chart Reading and Interpretation.

Previous experience with Meditation, Psychic Awareness, or Light Work 
are suggested to attend the "Psychic Development" or "Advanced" events.  Please call Judith at 631-724-9733 if you have any questions ... each case differs with the abilities of the individual.

Please try to arrive a few minutes early, to set up your "spot", etc.  Door opens at 7:20 PM.

Registration and payments for ALL classes and groups must be
completed before the "starting time"  so that the class may begin on time.

Thanks for your cooperation!